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Hello everyone to ethical hackerzs blog in this article I will tell you how to become a good bug bounty hunter okay let’s go,


A bug bounty program is a deal offered by many software developer and websites by which individual can receive compensation and recognition for report bugs, especially those pertaining to vulnerabilities and exploit. This program allows the developer to resolve the discovers bugs there for public awareness of them, simply, companies run a bug bounty program and allow hackers to hack their systems, if they find flaws or any type of vulnerabilities for companies pay them a handsome amount, it depends on the bug which they find how serious there. Bug hunter makes a lot of money from this job.
There are some stats of bug bounties vs salary:

India                   16
Argentina           15.6
Egypt                  8.1
Hongkong           7.6
Philippines          5.4
Latvia                  5.2
Pakistan             4.3

It’s very exciting that you have decided to become a security researcher and pick up some new skills we have collected several resources below that will help you get started.

Step 1

Start reading books that there are some E-BOOKS that you can buy to help you learn the basic and essential of penetration testing and bug hunting since bug bounties often
include website target, we will focus on getting you started with hacking and
later will branch out it is very important to focus on an area of hacking that is attention-grabbing and exciting to you concentrate on that one area and develop new things as you go however don’t attempt to be the final word hacker and learn everything the greatest hackers on bug crowd have specialities and areas of interest but they don’t know how to hack everything, hacking is a life long journey of learning all the books were given below you can easily buy from that link nothing is free in this world if you want to learn some good stuff so you need to invest something in this book you will learn from basic to advance, CDs are also given in some book so you can easily watch tutorial and learn from them.

Step 2
Practice what you learn while you are learning, it is important to make sure that you also understand and retain what you learn to practice on vulnerable application and that system is great to test your skill, make your own lab for testing implement the procedure what you learn in a simulated environment these will give you an idea of what you will run up against in the real world explaining, this is a great site to learn a bit more about various web hacking techniques and how they are done on this web site you can see super useful penetration testing practice labs this site has a massive list of practice apps and system for several hacking scenarios use, in this site you can find new testing labs and sites to practice your skills to become more perfect.

Step 3
Read tech write-ups and
POCs proof of concept from other hackers and watch tutorials on YouTube now that you have got a baseline understanding of how to find and exploit security vulnerabilities it is time to start checking out what other hackers are finding in the world luckily the security community is quite generous with sharing knowledge and we have collected a list of write-ups and tutorials.

Step 4
Join the community, you are joining a global community of over 29,000 hackers luckily many of these hackers are happy to share their knowledge with a fellow polite and curious researcher, and also join the some Facebook group or join Facebook bug-bounty community group one of the best group for your learning many great white hat hackers share their work with tutorials on how they find flaws, bug in the website you can learn many things from this group also.

Step 5
Start learning about bug bounties okay now you are at the point where it is almost time to start hunting for bounties but first let’s learn how bug bounties work and how to get started just to make sure we maximize our chances of success how to approach a target, advice from other bug hunters that will help you to find a lot of success once approaching a bug bounty a way to write an excellent vulnerability report this can walk you through the way to write an excellent vulnerability report the higher your report the higher chances you will get a bounty.


Step 6
Get hacking it is time to start hacking when you are new and getting started, it is probably best not try to ask the most popular bug bounties out there trying to hack Facebook, Pinterest and others will likely end in frustration for beginners as those companies are very popular and are more secure because they receive many bug reports so start with some small companies there is chances to get bug easily or it takes some time not more some time, it depends on your work and your skills how you are done your work how you work smartly, never give up.

Step 7
Always be learning don’t stop learning like we mentioned earlier hacking is a life long journey of learning more you learn so you become a good hacker don’t stop your learning if you become a great ethical hacker, this is make this field so exciting there are always new article and presentation to learn from interesting people to meet at conference or local meetup and new opportunities to purse bug bounties are a fantastic way to enter the info SEC community and build your career use bug bounties as a way to create more money, improve your skills meet new folks and even build out.

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